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Furniture Store Ottawa – Westboro Condo Lobby

Project Description

Furniture Store Ottawa – Westboro Condo Lobby

Furniture Store Ottawa - Westboro Condo LobbyPolanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions is proud to showcase a project we recently completed in a Westboro condo lobby. Creating an elegant yet welcoming feel in the lobby entrance of the condo was the objective of this redesign. In the area closest to the entrance, our designer Mandy Renfrew, added additional seating with a custom sized Liza bench from Canadian supplier Marcantonio Designs. She selected a taupe coloured leather to complement the warm neutral tones of the space, with contrasting darker stained legs and decorative nailheads for additional flare. Gold leaf framed artwork from Celadon Art was selected to hang above the bench to create a striking visual impact. The vibrant colours in this contemporary floral artwork make a lasting impression on residents and visitors as it is the first and last thing you see when entering the condo.

Furniture Store Ottawa - Westboro Condo LobbyIn the centre of the lobby, Mandy wanted to create an inviting seating area where residents could wait comfortably for guests or simply enjoy the views of their front garden. Four custom Smith chairs from Marcantonio Designs face inward around a round coffee table in the centre of the room to direct warm conversation in front of the fireplace. The Stockholm coffee table from Canadian supplier Handstone Furniture, in an espresso finish, contrasts with the taupe leather of the chairs and the lighter fresh tones of the flooring, wall colour, and fireplace surround. A round Bling chandelier from Robert Abbey Lighting Inc., a Polanco favourite, was selected in a bronze finish as the focal point of the space as it is positioned directly in the centre of the room.

Tall white ceramic pots from Hofland, positioned on either side of the decorative stone fireplace, ground the space and give the fireplace depth. White painted sticks in the tall white pots add a contemporary flare to the room. Flanking the fireplace on either side is a pair of artwork pieces by artist Cat Tesla. The combination of colours in these contemporary pieces complement the natural warm palette of the stone fireplace. On the wall opposite the fireplace, a decorative mirror was positioned at eye level. This allows those sitting in the chairs with their backs facing the fireplace to still enjoy the artwork as it is reflected in this large mirror.

Furniture Store Ottawa - Westboro Condo LobbyMandy selected a custom Caprice bench from Marcantonio Designs in front of the condo lobby window to accommodate those wanting to join in on the conversation or enjoy the view of the outdoors.

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Project Details

  • Date August 22, 2017
  • Tags Classic Contemporary, Condo
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