Renfrew Home For The Holidays 2018

Mandy and Steve Renfrew, owners of Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions, are excited to present to you another blog featuring their holiday décor with the hopes that it can spark some inspiration to help you rest and relax this holiday season. Mandy and her incredibly talented sister, Lisa DiRocco, have created a beautiful and welcoming space to host people during the Christmas season. No matter the circumstances, there is no better way to spend the holidays than with family and friends together in a loving environment.
  As soon as you enter the Renfrew residence, you can see just what makes Christmas such a special and relaxing time of the year. Maintaining her elegant & sophisticated design aesthetic, Mandy uses natural coloured garlands, along with decorations in silvers and whites with pops of vibrant colour. Three Christmas trees with their own unique style of décor can maintain the holiday spirit all throughout the house.
  In the front vestibule, Mandy opted to include one of her favourite pieces, a custom-designed settee in bright, pink fabric. The pink of the settee complements the green of the gorgeous, lit garland that hugs the banister as it ascends up the stairway. The white entrance console is accessorized with clear glass reindeer and candle holders to complement the crystal glass knobs on the console drawers. Silver metal lamps and our favourite Bangkok mirror complete the space.
  The Renfrew living room is designed with conversation in mind, with a focus on creating a comfortable yet elegant space. Two stylish, cream fabric sofas face each other in the centre of the space allowing for guests to interact freely. Complementing accent chairs with gorgeous fabric accompany the sofas. A cream leather ottoman provides the perfect foundation for elegant festive accessories introducing holiday spirit into the room. This year, Mandy also introduced a bright coloured tree that helps create a warm ambience in the space. She selected accessories to match the tree that complete the beautiful living room design.
  Mandy made a couple of adjustments in their formal dining room this year. She included a silver tree in her design, perfectly matching the silver accessories on her buffet and dining table. The pink theme is extended into this space with a bright pink dining bench, offset by cream leather dining chairs. It’s the perfect space for holiday meals to be enjoyed with friends and family.
  The Renfrew family room also experienced some changes between the 2017 and 2018 holiday seasons. This year, Mandy introduced some fun splashes of colour with a lime green chair sitting beside the fireplace. The green chair and elegant purple drapes perfectly match the traditional green garland with purple berries. Mandy also brought a part of the dining room décor into the family room, with silver accessories on the coffee table and end tables.
  Decorating with family and friends is the perfect way to bring the holidays into your home and bring people together. Mandy would like to give special thanks to her sister Lisa for helping build this special holiday space. Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions is a family-owned and operated business who understands that family comes first, especially during the holidays. Merry Christmas from our family to yours, and all the best in 2019!