Top 5 Reasons to Buy Canadian Furniture

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Canadian Furniture

We here at Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions are proud to specialize in Canadian-made products. For over eighteen years, Polanco owners Mandy and Steve Renfrew have personally curated Polanco’s selection of Canadian-made premium furniture products, and have built a long history of supporting Canadian-made furniture and furniture makers. We work directly with family-owned Canadian suppliers such as Camlen Furniture, Future Fine Furniture, Handstone Furniture, Marcantonio Designs and Linea Design Furniture.


Quality, durability, customization, economy, and community: it’s why we believe in Canadian-made furniture.



We’ve always believed that the quality of Canadian-made furniture is exceptional. High quality

furniture starts with high quality wood, a plentiful resource across our beautiful country. From there, our manufacturers use state-of-the-art equipment in their facilities that offer a blend of precision and accuracy that can’t be rivalled anywhere else. All of our Canadian wood and upholstered pieces are built to order, using solid, hand-constructed frames. Next comes a meticulous carving, staining, upholstering, and detailing effort that makes sure your piece is exactly the way you want it.



Polanco is committed to selling you the most durable furniture on the market. This means that you and your family will enjoy your beautiful pieces for not only years but generations to come. Most of our Canadian manufacturers stand behind their work with a ten-year warranty. With solid Canadian wood construction, dovetail drawers and premium varnish finishes, our suppliers are building furniture to last. With our upholsterers going the extra mile through glue, staples, screws, double dowels, and corner blocks, we’re proud to stand behind the durability, too.



A piece to last should be a piece that is your very own, which is why all of our Canadian manufacturers offer a high degree of customizability. Because every piece is made-to-order and bench made, our suppliers have the flexibility to fit your home and comfort level. They can also include the features you want, allowing the furniture to fit with your lifestyle. Your pieces can truly become your own – we offer customizations including size, upholstery, leg finish, cushion filling, and nailhead details. With all of these options, your piece will be the perfect piece for you – made to order right here in Canada.



Supporting Canadian furniture manufacturers means supporting your own country. By spending at a Canadian business on Canadian products, you’re ensuring the future of Canadian quality. A rising tide lifts all boats: Canadian manufacturing means a strong Canadian economy, which means strong government social programs to benefit everyone. We believe in this social awareness: Polanco and our suppliers give back to organizations and charities in Canada, working towards a future that supports all in our country.



Polanco is a family-owned and operated business, and all of our Canadian furniture suppliers

are generational, family-owned businesses too! Family is an important value to us, and your purchase will help Canadian families just like yours. As a family business, we know the importance of care and close relationships: when you shop at Polanco, you get the kind of attentive, personalized customer service experience you just can’t get at big box stores.