Upstream Ottawa’s Youth Matters Gala 2017 Recap

On October 19th the team from Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions attended Upstream Ottawa’s Youth Matters Gala in support of Community Mental Health Services to Youth. The Gala was held at the prestigious Shaw Centre in downtown Ottawa, overlooking the historic Rideau Canal with a gorgeous view of downtown and the East Block of Parliament Hill. Polanco Home was delighted to support this worthwhile cause as title sponsor of the event.
Opening remarks were provided by Mme. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau via video tape, followed by the evening’s program of events which were expertly chaperoned by host Catherine Clarke. A social hour starting at 6pm provided the guests an opportunity to meet and socialize before a delicious three course meal was provided by the Shaw Centre staff.
A touching welcoming address was given by Ruth Maxwell, President of the Board at Upstream Ottawa. Allan Hubley, Councillor Kanata South, shared a personal story regarding his son’s battle with mental health and untimely suicide. Bo Turpin, Director of Clinical Services and Programming, provided some words regarding the Paul Hansell Foundation’s #ConvoPlate, which was presented to the Polanco team. Steve Renfrew delivered a touching speech reflecting on his personal experiences in past employment environments surrounding youth and mental illness.
Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions is proud to be the official 2018 custodians of the Upstream Ottawa/Paul Hansell Foundation #ConvoPlate, who’s purpose is to ‘Keep Talking Mental Health’. This designation is an honour for Polanco Home and they now have the #ConvoPlate proudly displayed in their showroom.
Following their presentation, the talented Kelton Weekes, a youth client of Upstream Ottawa, shared his heartfelt story of homelessness, mental illness and isolation before performing a song on his guitar; which he himself composed. The evening’s keynote was then delivered by Chris Nihmey, 2017/2018 Face of Mental Illness for the Canadian Alliance of Mental Illness and Mental Health, followed by the closing speeches of the evening.
The Gala was a huge success and a giant win for those needing support! Many individuals and businesses came together to support an incredible organization. Upstream Ottawa reported that the Gala raised over $40K for post-secondary youth mental health programming. Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions was proud to be a part of this amazing cause.
From the Paul Hansell Foundation website:
“#ConvoPlate is a hand painted stoneware plates that are circulated around the community to get people talking about mental health. Each one is different and was created by a member of our local community with their own special message and meaning.
Our goal is to help make Mental Health part of our every day conversation. Just like eating right and exercising supports physical health, we all need to take active steps to support our mental health.
Our hope is that the #ConvoPlate inspires people have a conversations about mental health. If we can keep the conversation about mental health going, we can break the stigma and increase the number of youth who access mental health services.”
Don’t forget to stop by the Polanco Home showroom at 177 Richmond Rd. where you can take a photo with the #ConvoPlate, use the hashtag and tag @PolancoHome as we will be reposting select entries.