Helping Your Home get Holiday Ready

Any homeowner with a flair for maintaining a stylish space comes to learn that the concepts of comfort and great interior design are always changing. While evolving tastes provide a fresh opportunity to update your space to reflect your style, so do changes in the weather and seasons, most notably as we move into the season of holiday warmth.

This time of gatherings and cheer calls for designs with comfort and coziness in mind for yourself and those closest to you. Mandy Renfrew and the team at Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions see the move into winter as a new beginning in the ways that we use our spaces, providing an opportunity to experience your home’s comfort and style like never before. “When a new season arrives, it’s always great to look at your space and make some changes: update the decor and bring in some new colours and textures, whether through adding new accents or refreshing a room’s style or palette,” Mandy said.

As we’ve moved from summer picnics toward fireside festivities and family dinners, a focus on warm comfort should be key when it comes to your holiday refresh. Most important to this, Mandy believes, “is having a very comfortable aesthetic, something where the appeal comes from a sense of relaxation, which can be achieved with designs and textures that are soft, fresh, and inviting.” The new meaning that comfort takes on over the wintry, holiday months should not be taken as an invitation to throw away last season’s design choices. Rather, homeowners should see these changes as the perfect opportunity to reinterpret and reuse last season’s decor to fit these new demands.

On this note, Mandy suggests looking to your outdoor foliage from the summer and fall as a way to bring a palette of warm, earthy comfort into your home: “Adding that festive freshness into your space could be as simple as focusing on more natural feels by bringing in dried flowers or hydrangeas from outside, using their texture to accent toss cushions or decorative plush throws.” The key to any seasonal redesign, whether getting a head-start on making your home holiday-ready or updating your style to match any other occasion or time of year, is a focus on simplicity, with Mandy encouraging homeowners to look at making small changes or additions to a space rather than a complete overhaul.

“The simple style and personality that seasonal coffee table books, or the warmth that candles and decorative items can add to a room, makes it easy to continue to switch out and transition your design choices with the changing needs of the time of year, holidays, and your own tastes,” said Mandy. Regardless of the season or spark behind your redecorating plans, Polanco Home Decor is always eager to lend their design expertise to your design goals. Contact us today for any questions or advice to create your perfectly styled home.