Decorating in Style this Holiday Season

The holiday season brings with it a unique and exciting opportunity to infuse Christmas cheer into your home. The holidays allow you to have all of the creative freedom to seamlessly incorporate festive elements into your everyday home decor.

We at Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions aim to provide you with expert tips to create a harmonious balance between your existing decor and the holiday spirit in your home.

One of the first steps before choosing your Christmas decor should be to create a colour palette. Identify the existing tones in your home decor, such as white, green, red, silver or gold to create a cohesive look.

Work with existing focal points in your home by placing festive embellishments to complement key features such as your front door, entryway console, fireplace mantel, or dining table. Hang a beautiful wreath on your front door to make an impactful first impression for your guests as they enter your home.

At Polanco, we love to embrace nature into our holiday decor by incorporating various wood tones in our candle holders or decorative trees, and by adding seasonal greenery in vases, such as wreaths or garlands to add a touch of organic charm.

Introduce cozy textures through decorative toss cushions, throws and area rugs to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Layering plush boucle fabrics to your sofa or upholstered bed will add interest while creating warmth during cold winter nights.

Set the mood with the right lighting that will create the perfect ambiance. Candles and twinkling lights can be artfully woven into the garland on your fireplace mantle or on your dining table to add a magical touch.

Display holiday decor like ornamental Christmas trees by arranging them on an end table, or nestled among your book collection on shelves for a subtle, but stylish holiday touch.

Create a stunning focal point where you love to gather with loved ones in your home, for example the family room. Arrange a festive centerpiece by using a decorative bowl or tray filled with a variety of greenery, pinecones, and berries to spread the holiday spirit to your guests.

Join us this holiday season, where we celebrate not only the beauty of our furniture, but the warmth and togetherness it fosters. Polanco Home Decor is more than just a showcase of products; it is a space where we share ideas, inspiration and the spirit of the season with you. 

May your holidays be filled with the joy that comes from a well furnished home, surrounded by the ones you love. Here’s to a season of comfort, style, and timeless tradition, creating your ideal living space.

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