Celebrate Summer in Style, thanks to Polanco Home Decor


From long-weekend barbecues, trips to the cottage, or even spontaneous get-togethers with old friends, summer in Canada is a special time, not just in the ways that the beautiful weather brings us all together, but also for the opportunity it gives to extend the welcoming comfort of our homes into our outdoor spaces.


Your outdoor area is an invitation for you to truly get the most out of these warmer months, and to fall in love with the full extent of what your entire living area has to offer. Whether you’re looking to highlight lush gardens or a relaxing patio, Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions can help you feel just as at home in your outdoor area you do inside.
“One of the best things about styling for outdoor spaces is just how dynamic the whole process is,” said Mandy Renfrew, co-owner of Polanco Home Decor.


“Even if your outdoors is already designed and furnished, adding accessories such as accent pillows or side tables, or even splashes of different colours, can bring a brand new feel to the area.”
Outdoor design trends for this summer emphasize just how dynamic and customizable this kind of decorating can really be, through pieces and colour palettes that give homeowners the freedom to easily change and rearrange their areas according to what the mood or occasion calls for. Stackable, durably-built seating with stylish designs offer both easy storage and a contemporary upgrade from your standard plastic Adirondack chair, while neutral tones such as charcoal and creams are sure to complement any layout or accessory selection.


With a range of goods and services services that breathe life into the defining qualities of your space, Polanco Home Decor’s reputation for hassle-free home design goes beyond just trends. This is thanks to an industry-leading inventory and nearly two decades of experience designing and consulting on making the most of your living area, both indoors and out. What allows Polanco’s range of quality products to really shine is Mandy’s proven approach to home design, which goes beyond the styles of the moment to emphasize the unique features of your space and finding the pieces or tones necessary to highlight its special sense of comfort.


“Just like with how I approach interior decorating, it’s all about working with clients to what makes their home’s design remarkable, and working together complement that,” said Mandy. “Trends are a great way to keep things fresh, but sometimes finding a unique piece that speaks right to your space’s inherent style can have an even bigger impact.”


For one client, that piece was a lavish dining set that Polanco imported for them all the way from Italy. The sleek, muted grey of each piece, from the extendable table to stackable chairs, create a perfectly complementary contrast to the rustic and wood-forward aesthetic of the home’s outdoor area, while still remaining subtle enough to emphasize the backyard’s breathtaking view, rather than distract from it. Nothing expresses Mandy’s handle on outdoor style better than the backyard designs of her own home, which shows that creating welcoming and comfort- focused spaces is just as much of a priority in her role with Polanco Home Decor as it is for her family.


“Comfort and design are always key when I take on a design project, whether it’s my own space or a client’s,” said Mandy, “but with outdoor decorating, you also want to make things as inviting as possible, and the best way to do that is to create a sense of familiarity by bringing your home’s interior style into its outside areas.”



The warm wood of the Renfrews’ striking outdoor pavilion frames the fresh grey material of the couches, with these tones allowing the natural greenery of the surrounding trees and garden, alongside the bright pops of the accent pillows, to ease you into the family’s refreshing backyard paradise.



The pool area of the Renfrews’ home guarantees relaxation, both in and out of the water. Crisp, casual seating creates a stylish space to soak up the sun, while the lift table’s cool slate hue allows for versatility not just in how it can be used, from dinner to drinks, but also in terms of the possible accents and accessories that can be paired with it as well. Aside from the comfort and summertime warmth each area embodies, what they both share along with the rest of the Renfrews’ backyard area is a consideration for functionality in their designs, giving the home’s outdoors a sense of style that’s adaptable and easy to maintain, regardless of what the weather has in store.



Many of the pieces in Mandy’s backyard feature durable, stain-resistant fabrics and quick dry foam, meaning that they are not just built for the outdoors, but also built to last, giving more time to enjoy what the outdoors has to offer day to day, and year to year as well. “Summertime should be relaxing. Especially if you’re someone who has put some effort into designing your outdoor space, you want to spend as much time as possible enjoying it,” said Mandy. “Investing in weather-resistant furniture frees us up to spend more relaxing amongst our outdoors, the sun, and great company rather than cleaning, covering, or waiting for our outdoor pieces to dry.”
While each space, taste, or budget may be different, shared amongst all of us as Canadians is just how much summer means, which is why Polanco Home Decor is committed to providing quality design services and solutions across a range of prices and styles, making it a breeze for you and your home get the most out of these precious warmer months.