Bringing on Spring with Floral Flair

April showers bring May flowers – both inside and outside of the home. All it takes is a nice floral arrangement or two added across your space to bring a fantastically fresh atmosphere into your home that’s inviting, welcoming and brings the warmth of spring indoors.

Redecorating might be your first thought, however changing a few seasonal décor pieces for bright and cheerful floral arrangements may be enough to refresh your space. Floral arrangements introduce the clean and sought-after sense of freshness that all home decorators wish to achieve, especially in the warmer months.

“Bringing in florals is a creative and simple way to elevate your space, whether with real or faux arrangements. Florals introduce a pop of colour, brilliance and not to mention a sense of elegance and personality into any area in your home,” said Mandy Renfrew, Co-Founder and lead design expert at Polanco Home Decor & Interior Decor Solutions. “The freshest florals bring beautiful aromas and colours into your home, and watching your flowers go into full bloom is a unique charm that no other accent piece has.”

Another area that fresh, natural florals excel in when decorating your home is their versatility: the vast array of shapes, sizes and colours, from bright and bold to soft and delicate, gives you an endless number of choices in finding the perfect palette to accent your style.

Mandy offered some of her own recommendations on how to best coordinate your florals with the style of your space and the rooms within it, recommending white florals like hydrangeas or peonies for those looking to add a dash of natural elegance to the home.

Fresh, green-forward arrangements, such as eucalyptus carry a calming aroma that’s perfect for the transition into spring. Mandy mentions that their fragrance and soft green leaves creates a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing environment that’s perfect for areas like the kitchen or powder room.

In her own home, Mandy has incorporated fresh branched cuttings of pussy willows to softly compliment the white and neutral tones of the furniture and natural linen drapes of her family room.

“Pussy willows offer a perfect transitional option for florals when changing from winter into the first weeks of spring,” said Mandy. “Any natural branches are a great way to achieve a dramatic and natural look that’s incredibly modern, adding texture and height to compliment any room and the pieces within it.”

The luxurious elegance of florals also transforms your garden into the ultimate resource for bringing in fresh cuttings straight from your garden during the spring and summer months. “Having an endless supply of tulips or daffodils to decorate with, adds a whole new dimension to gardening at this time of year”, said Mandy.

Sadly, these florals only stay in bloom for a short period of time. An alternative to real fresh cut florals is choosing beautiful faux flowers. “Faux florals are an amazing option to introduce into your home: they are low maintenance and will last all year long,” said Mandy. “Having faux florals with flexible stems and branches allow you to rearrange them time and time again, while remaining as beautiful as they were when first purchased.” The vibrant colours and realistic textures of faux florals make them appear as real as the ones they are replicating.

Mandy offered some of her expertise when styling the perfect natural arrangement in your own home. Whether you’re looking to add a splash of floral flair to your dining area or a warmer welcome to your entranceway, it is important to choose the right colours, height and volume for your arrangement.

“When featuring an arrangement on your dining table, it is important to keep your florals low and spread out, so that they don’t create a visual wall when you’re sitting across from family or guests,” she said. The length of the arrangement should match that of the table’s, with Mandy recommending vases ranging from 6 to 8 inches in width and 12 to 18 inches in length.

“For entrance consoles, I love to create an eye-catching arrangement by choosing a taller vase that’s more square or rectangular, using florals that have height and dimension. This design approach creates an immediate visual impact for your guests as they take their first glance into your home.” Mandy shared

No matter the area in your home where you decide to feature your arrangement, colours are key when expressing the mood or style you’re looking to achieve. For a bright and cheery look to fit the sunny weather, Mandy recommends choosing vibrant tones in your greens and florals, while an arrangement featuring a simple palette of greens and whites provides a more elegant and classic look.

To help you create your ideal living space, Polanco Home Decor is eager to offer their expert design advice. Please visit our showroom to shop our collection of beautiful vases and faux florals to compliment your home!