Contemporary Condo, Westboro

Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions recently completed a full scale interior decor project in the beautiful new QWest condominium complex in Westboro Village, Ottawa, ON. Polanco expert, Mandy Renfrew, worked very closely with the client who was downsizing her living space to a condo. Moving from a house to a condo can present many challenges, but with Mandy’s creative and innovative thinking she was able to provide the best furniture and decor solutions in order to optimize space. Considering style and the need for storage, many of the pieces were made with completely custom dimensions to optimize the use of space. Mandy worked closely with the client to help her choose a more classic/contemporary style for her condo. Subtle, yet glamorous details were added throughout the home to add interest and a touch of flare. These details, such as crystal knobs and multiple bling fixtures, became subtle hints at the client’s profession, a diamond specialist.

The front entranceway to the condo was longer than most in condos of this size. Mandy wanted to create a welcoming atmosphere in this area of the home, inviting guests to proceed through to the main living space. In order to achieve a sense of welcoming, Mandy selected Urban silver carpet runners from Woven Reflections that lead through the hallway. The carpet was custom cut into sizes that fit the space perfectly. A Bling model flush mount lighting fixture from Robert Abbey Designs was added in the hallway to provide increased lighting as well as a proper introduction to this elegant home.


Leading directly into the kitchen/dining space, the front entranceway hid much of the spectacular furnishing and decor until the guest is submerged in the space. At the end of the hallway, the kitchen, dining and even living room are all visible and all work in unison to create a very clean yet contemporary appeal. Guests can’t help but to notice the stunning Bling model chandelier hanging above the dining table, this is a very stunning piece that always demands attention. Below the chandelier was the Eldorado Iron Round Table by B&E Ironworks which featured a glass top and black base, one of the few black or darker accents in the condo, contrasted against clean white, low back Avita dining chairs in pure white Avanti fabric.


Due to the cozy nature of the space, the same chairs were used at the kitchen island, creating continuity. Mandy also custom designed a buffet which sits across from the dining table on the other side of the walking space around the dining room. The buffet, a custom Tranquil model from Handstone with crystal knobs, was built to a specified length, width and height to ensure it fit the space perfectly, however also allowed for ample storage. On the buffet, Mandy included lamps from Robert Abbey Designs in addition to artwork from Celadon. The crystal accents on the lamps matched the handles on the buffet as well as the Bling fixtures. Meanwhile, the white shades on the lamps complimented the white presence in the room created by the other furniture pieces. Also, the orange colour in the artwork contributed to the accent nature of the tone in this space.


Once passed the kitchen and dining room space, guests find themselves in the living space. A Surya Grizzly shag rug grounded the space and separated it from the dining area. Both Canadian and Swedish made furniture pieces were included in the living room. The Loft sectional and matching ottoman from Marcantonio Designs in a soft white Valencia leather fit the space perfectly and provide ample seating. Both these pieces were custom sized to maximize seating for guests without compromising space. Toss cushions in neutral colours were added from Robert Allen Design, JF Fabrics and Maxwell Fabrics.


Beside the sectional sits a smaller sized adjustable table with a lamp, both from Robert Abbey Designs, providing additional lighting and function. Again, for the purpose of maintaining subtle shiny accents throughout, chrome legs were selected on the sectional and ottoman. A Renwill mirror was added above the sectional both to make the space appear larger, however also to add a classic/antique touch to the space. Adjacent to the sectional, a greyish Gaga model chair from Swedish designer Conform allowed for additional seating and offsets the white in the room. Darker legs were included here as an offset accent. Ripple fold, silk thread drapes from Maxwell Fabrics finish off the room and were implemented in a shade similar to the paint colour of the wall, a technique used to open up the space. Across from the sectional a T.V. console unit was made by Handstone, again, in white with matching crystal knobs and in a custom size to fit the wall and television. Glass sliding doors were included to allow for less space required in front of the unit.


Next, the Master bedroom behind sliding white doors continues the clean, soft white appeal of the condo decor. Handstone was again selected as the supplier of choice for the bed. In fact, the same white paint was used on the buffet, console and bed to continue the palette across the entire condo. Storage being a major concern, the Contempo bed features drawers, another clever design choice.


A custom vanity was built for a small section of wall adjacent to the bed, and outfitted with an ornate Venetian style mirror from Renwill and a Louis style chair in white leather with silver nailheads. Another mirror was included above the bed as well, this time rounded in shape, and was placed so as to reflect a beautiful piece of artwork across from the bed that was commissioned by Jackie DiRocco. Tranquil model nightstands balanced either side of the bed, both with Robert Abbey lamps for additional lighting.


This classic contemporary space in the QWest condominium building in Westboro was proof that design and function don’t ever have to be sacrificed for space given the right furniture, decor, tools and design creativity. Mandy Renfrew exceeded the client’s expectations and provided solutions that not only addressed her living needs, but also her taste for style and elegance.