Environmentally Friendly Furniture – Earth Day 2020

At Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions the environment is a top priority in how we conduct business. From our products and suppliers to our delivery logistics, we are always working on improving our impact on the planet. We believe in only carrying the finest, highest quality furniture pieces. High quality furniture is sustainable in itself since pieces that last longer reduce consumption and waste. Additionally, our suppliers take extra steps to ensure they’re providing a sustainable product. To help celebrate Earth Day 2020 we are showcasing some of our most environmentally friendly pieces.

Bristol Table

Our Bristol table is crafted using solid wood local to the manufacturer. They use selective cutting surveyors on private wood lots to mark only the trees suitable for harvest. Single logging roads are carefully cut into the property to provide access for logging. This process allows them to remove the trees by cable, reducing damage to the wood lot, and improving the sustainability of the wood selection process.

Annex Bed

Our Annex bed is crafted by a supplier commited to low-emission practices. They’ve made significant improvement in reducing emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs). Over the last five years, they’ve reduced total VOC emissions by 43% and HAPs by 73%.

Tribeca Sideboard

Our Tribeca Sideboard is crafted using solid wood, with dovetail drawers and a premium varnish finish. When the manufacturer of the Cordova is done building furniture, the sawdust they produce is recycled as livestock bedding and the scrap wood is used to heat homes.

Nash Sofa

Our Nash sofa features soy-based BiOH® Polyols Renew™ foam cushioning that is fully recyclable and available in a wide assortment of firmness and densities. Additionally, since April 2014, this supplier has exclusively used foam, leather, fabric, and Ultrasuede® that are free from fire retardants.

Berkley Desk

Our Berkley Desk is manufactured by a company that practices sustainable forestry. The majority of their goods have panels with cores that are sourced from certified well-managed facilities according to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). They also partner with local manufacturers to ensure that their wood scraps are utilized in a recycled manner. Currently their wood scraps provide fuel for a manufacturer’s boiler. Also, dust created through wood-working is converted into a recycled, saleable material.