Renfrew Home For The Holidays 2021

While the days may be getting shorter, the sparkle of snowflakes and glimmer of festive lights that are beginning to dot the night sky can mean only one thing: Christmas time is here, and no matter what your holiday celebrations may look like this year, the family at Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions wishes that your Christmas and New Year be filled with health and happiness.
Part of the beauty of holiday festivities are the many different and special ways that we all celebrate this time of year. In the Renfrew household, celebrating means creating a space where those closest to them can gather to share these holidays alongside one another.
“I’d like people to feel the joy and warmth of Christmas when they visit our home. Christmas is truly about creating that magical feeling; regardless of how old you are, it is a special time for all” said Mandy, Co-owner of Polanco Home Decor.
From the moment you approach the Renfrew home, you are welcomed with holiday planters that set a festive ambiance to create warmth with a selection of wintertime greenery placed in bouquets across the homespun pots adorning their front entrance. Creating a decorative invitation to the memories being made inside.
A decorative invitation to the memories being made inside the Renfrew home immediately greets guests upon their arrival. This festive, welcoming warmth comes from the bouqueted wintertime greenery placed inside the homespun pots that adorn their front entrance, custom designed by Beyond the House.
This elegant approach flows into the home’s entranceway, where Mandy was inspired to compliment the natural wood of the entry floor and staircase with a look that’s stripped-down, organic, and most importantly, welcoming. This pastoral, calming mood is further emphasized by additions such as a slender evergreen tree, placed in a custom-woven wicker basket that brings out its woodland look, and a pine garland draping the banister lit by the soft, simple glow of white lights.

The off-white Currey & Company sideboard, garnished by a gold ornamental rose handle, completes the gentle, urban country look of the room alongside a vintage curved-leg console. The dark surface highlighting the black and gold décor sitting atop it. Just as important as the style of these pieces, though, is the meaning behind them.
 “What’s really important to me when decorating for the holidays is to use pieces that mean something, that have sentimental value and nostalgia,” said Mandy. “My dad made the black wood candle holders that we placed on the off-white console, and my sister Lisa, who helps me decorate our home every year, created candle wreaths out of greenery that add to their natural feel.”

The living room is a testament to the importance that the Renfrews place on holidays being spent surrounded by the company and memories of those closest to them: pictures of family, friends, and cherished moments are peppered throughout the room. The warm, berry-pink lights of the Christmas tree illuminate the many sentimental ornaments hung upon it.
“Every Christmas my parents would give us a unique decoration, and as our own children grew up we have continued that tradition,” Mandy shared. “When you look at the tree, you see the ornaments we’ve all received over the years bringing back fond memories.”
Sitting down for a holiday meal with the Renfrew family, guests gather around the dining table’s mirrored centerpiece. A trio of clear, acrylic reindeer – a holiday favourite of the Renfrew household – stand atop the white sideboard, flanked by the frosted green of the miniature trees and candle wreaths that welcome you to the table.
The sense of festive fluidity that gives each room its own unique holiday style culminates in the Renfrews’ family room, where light bursts of pink and white freshen up the space to make room for some classic Christmas glam. The soft blushes of pink across the porcelain reindeers and trees that frame the fireplace emphasize the hearth’s warmth and coziness, with the snowy whites and silvers of the tree coming alive thanks to a dense arrangement of matching lights and ornaments that compliment the décor across the room.
Wherever – or however – you’re choosing to celebrate this time of year, the Renfrew family hope your holiday season arrives with a sense of happiness and togetherness. “One of our biggest sources of joy at Polanco Home Decor is helping people cultivate a sense of comfort and relaxation. It’s a gift, especially at this time of year, that we all deserve to have,” said Mandy. “Sincerely, from myself, my family, and the team at Polanco Home Decor, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy Holiday Season.”