Bringing the Best of Canadian Furniture into your Home

Bringing the Best of Canadian Furniture into your Home


While a commitment to luxury goods and welcoming customer service has helped establish Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions as the Ottawa area’s premier destination for home furnishings, equally important to this reputation is their continued focus on celebrating Canadian-made furniture.


Polanco Home Decor’s products not only showcase the top-of-the-line for what Canada offers in terms of quality, design, and craftsmanship, but also provide an avenue for customers to support local businesses and – coming from the store’s commitment to sustainable, quality furniture – the environment as well.


“At Polanco, we were thinking green before green became popular: we’ve always prioritized environmentally friendly and chemical-free products whenever possible, and the consistent quality of Canadian furniture plays such an important part in us achieving that,” said Mandy Renfrew, co-owner of Polanco Home Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions.


A design approach focusing on quality woods, water-based glues and stains, and chemical-free products is consistent amongst the Canadian manufacturers that Polanco Home Decor works with. 


This commitment not only guarantees superior craftsmanship, but also offers a sustainable and stylish alternative to overseas goods that may have less environmentally friendly practices.


Beyond being an environmentally and economically sustainable choice, buying Canadian also means buying from a manufacturer with firsthand understanding of the homes and lifestyle needs of the population across Canada.


“Canadians make furniture for Canadians, which means that the manufacturers we work with are all in tune with how we live, how our homes are designed, and the specific needs that come from that. This means quality furniture that is built to last and design solutions for any space or project. Offering an array of stains, leathers, and fabrics available across contemporary, classic, and modern styles. With Polanco Home Decor’s help, your specific sense of style is always possible when you choose Canadian,” said Mandy.


“The long-lasting exclusive relationships we’ve developed working closely with Canadian suppliers have led to us to working together to create and design pieces for each individual home,” said Mandy. “By being a one-of-a-kind reflection of your tastes, these custom pieces we collaborate on with suppliers are great at making you feel truly at home in your space.Polanco Home Decor is happy to provide clients with the privilege of having access to custom pieces, commissioned by the store’s suppliers to be built exactly for one’s home and design needs, said Mandy.


This Canada Day, Polanco Home Decor is proud to reflect on their role in promoting Canada’s furniture industry. We thrive on connecting clients with quality-made, sustainable goods from our country’s most reputable manufacturers, to the relationships that they’ve developed with these suppliers over the years that makes their custom, cutting-edge design services possible.


“It’s so rewarding to bring environmentally friendly, Canadian-made products into client’s homes,” said Mandy. “We’ve always taken great pride in supplying products that will last and stand the test of time, and we are so thankful for our Canadian suppliers for making that possible.”


Please feel free to come visit us in our show room to view a wide range of Canadian made designs.