Polanco’s Interior Design Services: Prioritizing Comfort and Style

Polanco’s interior design services: Prioritizing Comfort and Style


Mandy Renfrew’s familiarity with the language of interior design and home style trends is informed by over two decades of experience co-founding and operating Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions, and from this wealth of experience also comes the knowledge and tools to provide clients with a range of design services that go beyond luxury furniture offerings.


“One of the most important realizations we’ve had, being in this business, is that home and comfort mean so much more than just the furniture in your space,” Mandy shared. “There are so many different approaches you can take when it comes to fulfilling your design goals, and we find joy in helping our clients regardless of what their goals may be.”


Whether it’s drafting a detailed floor plan for furnishing a new build or acquiring custom pieces to accent a sentimental favourite, foundational to Polanco Home Decor’s range of interior design services is an eagerness to help that comes from understanding that the design process is as much about the clients as it is the space itself.


“Since the moment we started Polanco Home Decor, we’ve always placed a high priority on developing relationships with our clients. It’s always amazing to make that connection, but also getting to know their lifestyles, spaces, and families helps in guiding our clients to make the best decisions for their homes,” Mandy said.


Polanco Home Decor’s focus on not just on the space, but the unique needs of the client has made them experts in knowing and providing homeowners with exactly the services needed to create the comfort that they want to bring into their homes.


“I’ve come to learn that each project is unique, from the client’s taste to the layout of the space,” said Mandy. “The priority has always been on building that familiarity with the clients and their needs and then from there, creating solutions that fit within those factors.”



The variety of Polanco Home Decor’s interior design services offer numerous ways to bring a fresh new style into your home. From a simple consultation drawing on Mandy’s decades of experience to a full-on overhaul of your space that brings your design dreams to life, Mandy’s range and expertise guarantees that whatever your home may be need, Polanco is ready – and happy – to help.


One of the simplest steps clients can take to enhance the vibrancy or freshness of their homes is a paint or colour consultation from Polanco Home Decor, which provides individuals with an expert opinion on the tones and palettes that can best showcase their overall space and style.


A daytime walkthrough of your space gives Mandy a sense of the ideal tones for drawing out the home’s natural vibrancy, which she then uses as inspiration to compile a paint package outlining the recommended shades, trims, and finishes for the mood of each room.



Another example of Polanco Home Decor’s commitment to building a knowledgeable relationship with clients and their spaces is the comprehensive, custom-made floor plans they offer. These plans outline the ideal layout of a room or home by taking into account the overall goals of the design project, along with the client’s vision and the unique features of their space.


To-scale drawings built from accurate room dimensions allow Mandy to pinpoint the precise arrangement of pieces and accessories needed to achieve the clients’ design goals while also highlighting the unique and distinguishing features of the space. 



“Every room tells a story. These custom floor plans not only offer clients a glimpse of their ideal space, but also outline the steps and choices needed to create it,” said Mandy. “From gorgeous views to antique furniture, it’s all about finding out the element of the room that the client wants to highlight and giving them the tools to bring it to life.”


The services offered come together in Polanco’s furniture and decor proposal, a collaborative process that takes into consideration the clients’ space and their intentions to create a clear roadmap of the steps that will bring their style goals to life. This includes working alongside the clients to put together a vision board that includes the patterns, textiles, and furniture to match their space and style.


Mandy often starts with an array of the larger furnishings that will define the space and project at hand, before providing a selection of accent pieces such as carpets, accent tables, and accessories to complement the design of the primary decor. Making this process even smoother is the availability of all potential options through the store’s catalogue.


Bringing together the wide range of services that Polanco Home Decor has developed over its twenty-three years of existence is Mandy’s underlying focus on working closely and comfortably with clients, she said: “Whether you’re starting a project from the ground up, moving into your first home, or looking to update your current space or forever home, it’s always so fulfilling for us to work directly with our clients to bring their design vision to life and create an ideal living space.”



Please reach out to Mandy Renfrew at Polanco home Decor to help you get started with your current or future design needs.


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