Polanco designs breathtaking Mont Tremblant home

Luxurious Mont Tremblant home styled by Polanco Home Decor

Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions has always taken great joy in helping clients on the journey of bringing the comfort and beauty of their spaces to life. But what if breathtaking elegance and refreshing, relaxing sights were already at your doorstep?

In the Mont Tremblant community of Lac-Desmarais, Mandy Renfrew and the team at Polanco Home Decor have spent the last two years hard at work helping to style and furnish a beautiful new-build home. At the heart of this process has been the goal of cultivating a fresh and naturally modern look featuring a spectacular view of Lac Mercier.
Mont Tremblant home
“It was an amazing opportunity to be creative together and build that collaborative, hands-on relationship with the owners. Not only were they open to my ideas, but had no shortage of great style choices themselves,” said Mandy.  “It was such an enjoyable and rewarding process, and it’s been so exciting to see it all come together.”
The clients sought a modern, open style to match and accentuate the space’s natural surroundings, with Mandy and Polanco Home Decor helping with every step, from floors to furnishings, in blending the clients’ design needs with the unique allure of the location.
“From the many trips to Tremblant to figure out the perfect floor plan, to the local businesses we visited around Quebec for both inspiration and final design selections, it’s been great to be a part of this journey in helping people realize such a unique, ideal vision of home and comfort,” said Mandy.
For such a vibrant space and location, Mandy said that it was key to approach the design and decor process with a neutral pallet of colours and textures that were elegant but still understated enough to emphasize the house’s lush surroundings, rather than distract from them.

Mont Tremblant home
Mont Tremblant Home


“The biggest goal when furnishing the space was not to take away from that one-of-a-kind view,” said Mandy. “The floor to ceiling windows capture and draw Tremblant’s beauty into all areas of the home, so it was important to choose textures and furnishings that complimented that, rather than taking away from such a captivating, defining feature of the space.”


Highlighting these breathtaking sights is a modern, balanced freshness that pulses through the home. This crisp, inviting simplicity welcomes guests in a grand way at the striking front entrance, and follows them throughout the space thanks to natural floors and clean white paints and trims.

A soft, neutral pallet of whites and earth tones accentuate the lushness of the location, opening up the space to let the spectacle of its surroundings flow inside. These elements come together beautifully in the kitchen, from the crisp white dining table and its distinctly modern, grey-stained legs, to the smooth marble surfaces and contemporary finishes adorning the counters and cabinets that invigorate the space with reflected natural light.
Mont Tremblant home
Mont Tremblant home

Even when winding down by the high-gloss, oversized grey tiles of the fireplace, the couch and ottoman’s grigio leather meshes with the openness of the windows that stretch all the way up to expansive, high ceilings to create a sense of relaxation that’s a refreshing departure from traditional cottage comfort.

Adding a stylish exclamation point to the modern, spacious feel of the living room are a set of open-backed olive green Maxim chairs by Canadian furniture supplier Marcantonio Design.

Mont Tremblant Home
Mont Tremblant home
“These chairs were such a perfect choice for what the clients and I were trying to achieve,” said Mandy. “The open backs and green velvet really pop when surrounded by the softer tones and all of that natural light, drawing so much bright, outdoor beauty into the space. Plus, I went with a tone that’s neutral enough that it will always match the nature outside, no matter the season.”
In the bedroom, these design motifs are expressed in a more intimate and subdued manner, where a deep green turtle chair, imported from Sweden, matches the natural wood and white finishes of the contemporary-style bedroom set. Together, the pieces invite you to relax as you’re enveloped right in the middle of the property’s pristine landscape.

Mont Tremblant home




“We just couldn’t resist putting that chair there when you have such a perfect spot for the view”, said Mandy. “You can’t pass up an opportunity like that, to sit and relax in the comfort of your own bedroom while surrounded by such sweeping, magnificent scenery.”
The finished space isn’t just a product of its beautiful locale or Polanco’s interior design expertise, but also stems from the store’s longstanding relationship with the clients, which goes all the way back to 2016.
The continued, collaborative relationship between Mandy and the clients (Louise and Jeremy) that made such a stunning project possible in the first place is a testament to Polanco’s trademark brand of committed customer service, no matter one’s needs or space.
“Not only was it so nice to work with them again, but to play such a key role in bringing their dream home to life – that’s the kind of experience that keeps you in love with this kind of work, and I thank them for reminding me of that,” said Mandy.