Mid-Century Modern Inspired Home in Westboro

Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions is excited to present another client staging project on the quaint — and extremely desirable — Piccadilly Avenue! Located minutes away from Wellington Village’s shoppes and boutiques, this project provided Mandy Renfrew with the perfect canvas to juxtapose the traditional stylings with mid-century modern inspired additions. Blending the old with the new inspired Mandy to add a few individual touches of colour and vibrance to the house with a more minimalist focus!


This house emits an impressive magnetism even from the curbside with its awe-inspiring classic look. Coming up the walkway, one is taken aback by the beauty on display. From its resplendent red bricks, large windows, stacked stone lanterns, and luscious green garden, a colourful and charming atmosphere is instilled before even entering the front door. Once inside, the grand dining room with French doors is visible just off the centre hall plan. Natural light from the backyard window pours into the room and front vestibule providing a sense of irresistible invitation. Mandy accentuated this feeling by selecting a mid-century design for the dining room table and chairs. The Dhabi table’s walnut top and back metal base update the room with something newer and modern but in unity with the hardwood floor and more traditional elements. The furniture and artwork’s minimalist design, and the fresh ochre colour of the chairs in particular, complement the room without taking any attention away from its architecture.



To the left of the front foyer is the large living room area of the house. The sense of comfort and calling created by the outside light flowing through the room’s vast windows is present once again and enhanced with the original crown moldings and fireplace. Mandy chose to accent this quality by featuring more contemporary design aspects with the grey upholstered sofa and chairs as well as the chrome and glass circular coffee table. The round softness of the coffee table welcomes you and brings balance into this longer and more narrow room. The room is completed with a gorgeous Persian carpet (many of which can be found throughout the home) and artwork with a fun and cheerful sensibility — an honest and quintessential expression of the homeowners!



Continuing on the main floor towards the open-concept kitchen and family room, a butler’s pantry or servery book-ended by high vaulted ceilings and exposed brick is walked through. Since the area acts as a multi-use workspace with incorporated cabinetry, Mandy accessorized the space to extend the flow of creativity and repose of the rooms on the main floor. Entering into the kitchen, Mandy had fun dressing up around the Miele appliances, Payne’s grey cupboards, and floating wooden shelves against the detailed backsplash tiles to combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. Peering across the island and into the family living area, your eye is immediately drawn to the classic fireplace surrounded by grey and white mosaic. Mandy chose to introduce elegance through textures and muted tones that accompanied the colourful artwork of the room. From the mid-century furniture design to the pillows and soft shag carpet used as accessories, the room emanates with both eye-catching and direct warmth felt from the light of the room’s wall-to-wall windows.





A traditional stairwell leads you to the master bedroom and spa ensuite upstairs where Mandy added crisp white side tables and lamps to go alongside the upholstered linen bed. In a bedroom, it’s so important to foster a serene atmosphere. Mandy embodied this stillness with toss cushions and accessories consisting of neutral hues and a softer colour palette. Whether winding down at night after a long day or starting anew in the morning, the combination of calmness and utility is undeniable. Refining this fusion of classic and modern, ornate and practical, is what makes this bedroom, home, and project so appealing!