Renfrew Home For The Holidays 2020

The owners of Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions, Mandy and Steve Renfrew, are once again excited to present you with another holiday blog featuring décor from their home. Although 2020 has been a year like no other and our holiday celebrations might look a little bit different compared to usual, Mandy even more so wanted to create a relaxing and festive environment that is inspiring and expresses holiday cheer.
You can tell that Christmas is a special time of year for the Renfrew family as soon as you arrive at their home. The first experience of warmth and welcome is that of a beautiful Christmas wreath hung on their front door. The classic evergreen is enlivened by the red velvet bow with a gold bell hanging in the centre of the wreath. A second wreath is found in the entryway with additional flora and dried fruit that allow for the incorporation of more colour alongside the long, thin gold velvet bow. Inside the home, Mandy has achieved a comforting ambiance by adding winter themed pieces throughout. From the gently snow sprinkled garland lining the stairway banister that’s interwoven with mini-lights, greenery and wine-coloured berries, to the sparkling garland placed with clear acrylic reindeer and glass candle holders, the result is both festive and elegant.
The Renfrew living room is a comfortable and stylish space where the family can relax and enjoy warm conversation. Whether snuggling up on the creamy-white sofa together or sitting across from each other, the placement of furniture and artwork within the room fosters enjoyable interaction. The off-white leather ottoman in the centre of the room has been decorated with elegant silver reindeer and cranberry crystal vases adorned upon a decorative silver tray. Accompanying the creamy-white sofas and ottoman is a velvet fabric accent chair with intricate damask patterning — and of course, the cutest pooch on the block! For the tree this year, Mandy opted for cranberry-pink to introduce a splash of colour into the room that could then be extended through into the dining room. 
Attached to the living room is the formal dining room where the same colour palettes are seen. The bright pink velvet upholstery on the bench continues the colour palette found in the living room which creates vibrancy to juxtapose the more refined silver and white tones found throughout the rest of their home. The snowy tree complements the natural hues of the tables’ wood and matches with the creamy-white walls and furniture from the living room. The silver and clear tree ornaments mirror the chandelier-style sconces in the design and the lights add warmth to help temper the winter outside. The console table is lined with matching garland and decorated with silver candle holders and accessories that perfectly match the mirror it sits under, helping to create the perfect decor to enjoy a delicious holiday meal.
For the family room this year, Mandy decided to go with a classic green tree that still carries the gold and white colour themes but also has some more traditional green and red ornaments. The green of the tree matches up nicely with the room’s burgundy drapes and has been accented by the additional fireside trees and garland along the fireplace mantle. The white and silver colour theme continue in this room via the furniture, lamps, and fun penguin accessories. Once again, comfort is key and the gold ornaments on the tree, warm lighting, and decorative pieces found on the centre coffee table all work together to provide a homey sense of rest and relaxation. 
Decorating is a wonderful way to participate in holiday celebrations and bring that festive magic into your home! Mandy and everyone at Polanco Home Furniture & Interior Decor Solutions would like to thank you for another year and, given the year it’s been, are incredibly humbled by the support we’ve seen from our community. Polanco is a family owned and operated business who understands how important family and community really are. So from our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!